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Stage One (1) Training –  Boys to Men (ages 15 to 25)

Young males are taught the foundational principles of manhood, character development, the value of education, developing a work ethic, respect for authority, avoiding crime, drugs & violence (CDV), managing money, family values,  & spiritual life.

Stage Two (2) Training –
Men to Husbands (ages 21 to 30)

Young adult males learn how to relate to and develop healthy relationships with women, manage their sexuality, how to identify and find their soul-mates, and gain an understanding of the value and benefits of marriage.

Stage Three (3) Training – 
Husbands to Fathers (ages 21 to 35)

Men learn the principles and responsibilities of fatherhood and the value, and benefits of family life.

Men in Recovery (ages 21 and up)

Men who have experienced life setbacks (accidents, injuries, addictions, incarceration, divorce, death of a loved one, long-term unemployment, etc. are taught how to overcome losses, and return to productive living.

Men over age 35 are welcome to attend any seminars, and are encouraged to enroll in our Life Coaching training.

Life Skills Seminars
The MDI Services
Church Men Group Training
Life Coaching
Training seminars are conducted monthly, on Saturday or Sunday afternoons at various locations and in various cities; the duration of each seminar is 2 to 3 hours. There no specific cost to attend our seminars; however donations are appreciated. No men will be turned away due to lack of money; all are welcome.  All men ages 13 and older are welcome to attend. Some seminars contain adult-only materials, and are not open to youth.
There are very few places in America where a young male can go, learn all of the necessary skills, and obtain the life coaching to become a successful man! The goal of the Manhood Development Institute is to change this situation. The MDI is a comprehensive training center that changes “males to men!”
Our community churches have a reservoir of young and older men. Our staff is available to speak and provide training to church men’s ministries that would like to begin their own in-house training and coach programs. Our speaking modules are 1 and 2 hours long; our training modules are 2, 3 or 4 hours long.
After men have attended at least two (2) seminars, they may apply for Life Coaching services. Life Coaching is provided by older men who spend one on one time with men to help them process and incorporate the training into their personal life situation. The service periods range from 3 months to 12 months; and include: a Wisdom for Successful Living training manual, a workbook, accompanying CDs & DVDs to re-enforce training lessons; personal and family counseling sessions. The services also include the development of a written Individual Development Plan (IDP); enrollment in Man-Up Power Teams, and Life Enrichment field trips. Life Coaching donations are appreciated.